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Already proven itself in Europe, EngineGuard now offers the best fuel additives to China. EngineGuard cleans your entire fuel system so that your car returns to its optimal condition. Making sure your car runs the smoothest way possible while keeping the city pollution free, so that you and your children breathe better air.

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About EngineGuard

In China a different formula gasoline is used which in general makes gasoline cheaper than in Europe, the quality however is worse. Low quality gasolines leave even more deposits, resulting in less power and performance. By removing these deposits EngineGuard restores the lost power and performance. In addition it limits the harmful emissions that cause air pollution.

Our fuel additives have already proven itself in Europe. Even with better quality gasoline the test results were remarkable. At EngineGuard we adjusted our already phenomenal formula to the gasoline sold in China.

Effects of using EngineGuard

• Guarantees optimal combustion and engine performance
• Improves fuel efficiency
• Reduces CO and CO2 emission up to 45%
• Keeps the fuel system clean
• Lubricates valves and upper cylinder area
• Protects against rust and corrosion
• Prevents carburetor icing
• Reduces the maintenance cost and prolongs engine life
• Prevents deposit formation in the carburetor, combustion chambers and valves

Our vision

Every time you fill your tank, you expect to drive a certain amount of kilometers on it. An engine that’s caked with deposits makes your engine work harder – less efficiently – every kilometer.

By using the best cleaning agents for modern cars and an improved formula specially made for China we aim to sell our additives throughout China. There have been significant advances in engine design including hybrid and direct injection spark ignition technologies. These engines are designed to work at their best when they are clean. Even microscopic amounts of engine deposits can adversely affect performance. EngineGuard helps remove these deposits, restoring lost power and even improving performance. We are convinced customers will keep using EngineGuard fuel additives after using it once.

Our product

Over time all engines lose performance and fuel economy. That’s because even high quality fuel creates carbon deposits during combustion. These deposits build up on engine parts causing a variety of problems. Including power and fuel economy loss, hard starts and hesitation. To remove them most top selling brands use nitrogen based detergents.

Product description

With high temperatures in the combustion chamber detergents need to be particularly robust to clean direct injectors, piston tops and cylinder heads. Only polyether amine (PEA) remains stable enough in high heat to remove carbon deposits throughout the combustion chambers. Other detergents simply burn up. PEA also bonds to the surface of metal parts, preventing future buildup. EngineGuard uses a scientifically formulated blend of advanced cleaning and conditioning agents including PEA to remove deposits across the entire fuel system.

Cleaner fuel injectors mean fuel burns more efficiently increasing engine response times and fuel economy, while cleaner valves and ports ensure proper fuel air mix helping to eliminate the final hesitation and surging. In the combustion chamber cleaner parts help increase combustion efficiency and reduce hot spot that can lead to preignition. But cleaning is only part of the story, friction in the upper cylinder can also decrease fuel economy and performance. In fact, the piston rings in the upper cylinder are the largest source of friction in the entire engine. EngineGuard lubricates the upper cylinder using a friction modifier. Helping to restore fuel economy and horsepower plus prevent excess wear. In addition most modern gasoline contains ethanol and acid which can attack metal surfaces. When it combines with water in the fuel system water can become even more corrosive. The corrosion inhibitors in EngineGuard work to neutralize the acid and remove the excess water from the system. Helping to protect and extend the life of critical engine parts. For engines that are used less often, antioxidants help stabilize fuel and oil preventing varnish from developing on key metal parts.

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